Hair Transplant :

A hair transplant is a fairly known process but it is surgical process to get back the lost hair and looks. Any surgical process has its sets of disadvantages and does tertiary harm to the body. Hair loss is a natural phenomena but transplant is not rather it is contrary to what is natural. Hence there are certain precautions that need to taken and the success percentage understood before venturing in Hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Method / Hair Restoration Method / Treatment:

The Hair Transplant Surgery is normally carried out under local anesthesia. If the area is small and can be covered with a transplant of 1000 to 3000 follicular units using the latest 'FUT' (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique, normally it takes just half a day to one Day. For larger areas than this one more sittings may be required. Understandably it is time consuming and a precise procedure.

Period of Treatment:

Normally one day. Generally patients are released the same day.

Hair Transplant / Hair Restoration - Post Operative :

A pressure bandage may be required to be worn for a day or two. Since sutures remain intact for ten days (Suture less FOX technique is also available as an option) the surgeon may call for periodical follow up examination.
You should ideally take a few days rest.
Sutures may need to be removed at an appropriate time.

Hair Transplant / Hair Restoration Facts That You Should Know:

Follicular unit transfer (FUT) technique is one of the amazing and best techniques – in fact it is used for restoration of Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Burn, Bald Areas, Scars, Beard, Moustache, Cleft lip, Pseudopelade, Folliculitis, Decalvans
Follow the treating surgeon’s advise on prescriptive drugs, diet, alcohol and smoking prior to surgery.
Usually Local anesthesia in conjunction with sedation is used.
You should NOT drive yourself home after surgery.
Do NOT engage in risky sports (e.g. squash) until healing is complete.

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