Cosmetic Breast Surgery :

1) Augmentation – This operation increases the size of the breast and thus makes it more prominent and attractive. This is usually done by implants.

2 )Reduction -huge breast is always a botheration for a woman. The heavy weight of the breast is occasionally very painful and may cause ulceration under the breast fold and bra strap. Reduction procedure can decrease the size of the breast and make it beautiful.

3) Mastopexy / breast lift procedure - corrects the sagging breast after pregnancy or age. It lifts the breast, tighten it and gives a younger look.

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Breast augmentation utilizes FDA approved silicone or saline breast implants to enhance the shape and size of the breasts.


We specialize in body contouring procedures including liposuction, cutting-edge tummy tuck techniques etc.


Facial plastic surgery is a popular form of cosmetic plastic surgery used to correct birth defects, enhance one's natural features.


Skin tightening procedures can be performed on nearly any part of the body to improve the elasticity and texture.